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Here's what Pete Wernick (Dr. Banjo) has to say!


"... they're very functional, light and compact, and haven't needed adjusting in the two months I've been using them. I like them. Anyway, it's fun finally having real "Scruggs pegs" and playing you-know-what (Flint Hill Special)"


Here's what Banjo Hangout members have to say!


"Absolutley fantastic. Rock solid and accurate."


"These are a 100% quality product. They return acurately every time ... they look good on the banjo and take nothing away from the peghead front ... yep, these are the best!"


"I have owned most all the major D tuners at some time in the past but none performed as well ... they are very well designed and well built and they work just as you expect them to.....period!"


"I have been playing for over 50 years, and have tried every type of "D" tuning device that has ever been marketed and these are , by far, the closest thing to perfect."


"Simple installation - simple set-up. I was hesitant because I have had all the other "D-Tuners" on the market. These actually work. They are smooth and operate flawlessly. If you want a good set of "D-Tuners," these are what you are looking for. I am very pleased."


"The quality of these tuners are great and I would definately recommend these tuners to all my banjo buddies!"


"These are the real deal. They look great, they are solid like a rock, they get the job done and get it done right. Ingenious tuning mechanism. Excellent feel on using the knobs. No problem for me getting used to tuning the 3rd string button the "other" way, in fact, I truly prefer it this way. I checked 'em all out, and these are the way to go. I just ordered a second set for my other banjo. These work."

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