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The Mighty D-Tuner (formerly, Apollo Tuner) is an innovative approach to D-tuning a banjo.  Functionally, it works much like the original cam-style "Scruggs" tuners invented and used by Earl decades ago (1952), but does not require drilling holes and is barely visable on the face of a banjo peghead.


Benefits of the The Mighty D-Tuner are:


    1) Set and forget ... no pre-planning ... use anytime.


    2) Tiny footprint on the face of your banjo.


    3) The "throw" is long (much like Earl's original cam tuners).


    4) The throw is the same for both 2nd and 3rd strings.


    5) The throw is smooth and even.


    6) Accurate chords; tune "G" as usual, tune "D" with the MDT.


    7) Once tuned, it stays in tune.

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